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Relaxation Eye Massager



Are you often in front of your computer, your gadgets or the television? Did you ever feel your eyes getting tired because of too much exposure to computers, gadgets, television, etc.? Then this is perfect for you. It's time to give your eyes a break and take care of them with this Relaxation Eye Massager.

  • Relaxes the Eyes - Helps to relieve eyes strain and headaches with three modes - Sleep, Med, Hard. ”Sleep” provides a gentle massage, “Med” provides a soothing touch, while “Hard” is an invigorating one, with temperature of about 104℉, an temperature for eyes that would help you improve blood circulation.
  • Air Compression- while air compression and vibration will surely give you an ultimate massage trip, from massaging temple, four white points, sinuses, it keeps the eyeballs safe. It could be a little noisy due to vibration.
  • Wireless & Adjustable - Rechargeable lithium battery and USB charging provide maximum portability. The tightness of the headband could be adjusted to fit most people's face shape.
  • Natural Music- It has a built-in speaker and prerecorded nature sounds that would relax your eyes even more. The music could be controlled by pressing the music button momentarily to turn on, momentarily to change song, and steadily to turn off.
  • Warranty - We provide 30 days’ return service with FULL REFUND

The eye is the window of our mind. However, long time use of gadgets, or reading restricts us in protecting our eyes.

This Relaxation Eye Massager is a perfect gift to our loved ones. The infrared heating function relaxes the eyes and promotes blood circulation to rejuvenate tired eyes. It relieves dry eyes, sinus pressure and headaches which can loosen your mind and help you sleep better. 

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Relaxation Eye Massager 
  • 1 x User manual 
  • 1 x Charger


1. Please ensure to remove contact lenses before use.
2. Please wipe it with cotton soaked in neutral cleaner instead of water.
3. Not suitable for people who are suffering from eye problems such as glaucoma, cataract, retinal detachment and so on. 
4. People who had gone eye surgery should consult a medical professional before using this product. Immediately stop the use of the eye massager if you feel discomfort.
5. The vibrating function will help you eliminate fatigue. There could be a bit noise of about 65 decibel.
6. The eye massager will relax your eyes through the air compression that you may feel around your eyeballs. The air compression doesn't hit the eyeballs directly to avoid irritation.


Does the heat relax the eye lids as well?
It heats up but not that much. There isn't too much pressure from the device as well so it won't damage the eye. The pressure can be more felt in the temple areas. This works best to people who suffer from migraines I get bad migraines and I use it for help with relief from episodes of migraine.

Is this suitable for kids too?
It is also good for kids. However, the size may not fit small heads.

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