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Waterproof Digital Binary LED Watch

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Do You Want To Wear Something Your KPOP Idol Would? Then This Waterproof Digital LED Watch Is Just For You!

Nobody really asks why the world is head over heels with Kpop. With flawless porcelain skin, perfect cat-eye makeup, and faultless choreography on stage, who wouldn't want to look like them or have something they would wear?

Enough scouring the web for something close to an accessory that you saw your Kpop idol wear, this Waterproof Digital Binary LED Watch made millions of Kpop fans scream and has taken the world by storm! Put this on your wrist and you will surely satisfy all your Kpop fan wants!

  • Smart digital display technology with a built-in bright LED for dark or low-light environments. Designed to look like a bracelet, just press the upper button for the LED to light up and show the time
  • Well-made wristwatch with precise quartz movement that keeps track of the time accurately. Made of high-quality electronic components and stainless steel. It also has 3 bar water resistance.
  • Creative binary time mode display with easy to wear double open stainless steel buckles


  • Mirror size: 2.7 * 1.5 cm (about 1 1/16 * 3/5 inch) 
  • Case Diameter: 3.0 * 5.5 cm (about 1 1/5 * 2 1/8 inch) 
  • Case Thickness: 1.2 cm (about 3/8 inch) 
  • Band Length: 23.0 cm (about 9 inch) 
  • Band Width: 2.4 cm (about 7/8 inch) 
  • Weight : 140 g 


  • 1 Waterproof Digital Binary Watch


How long do the batteries last?

The batteries last up to 2 years and the batteries are very easy to change.

Is there a way to keep the lights on forever?

Unfortunately, this watch was designed to look like a bracelet when you're not checking the time. You would need to press the upper button and the lights will stay on for a least 10 seconds then turn off.

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