Rice Ball Shaker Mold


Do You Want To Create Perfectly Shaped Rice Balls? Then This Rice Ball Shaker Mold Is Just For YOU!

Creating rice balls for your sushi or bento box is a fun activity especially for your kids. But getting the perfect round-shaped rice balls is so hard to achieve. Not to mention, the sticky and messy hands you'll get when shaping the rice using your bare hands.

Have fun, be creative and get that perfectly shaped rice balls, without getting your hands all sticky, swiftly and easily with the Rice Ball Shaker Mold!

  • EASY TO USE: Simply add sushi rice, seasonings, and shake side to side to form three (3) yummy rice balls.
  • FUN TO MAKE: Kids and adults would love to make and eat sushi rice balls. Perfect for bento lunch boxes. 
  • Easy to clean with warm soapy water.


  • Material: PP
  • Mold Size: 18.5 x 7 cm
  • Spoon Size:14 x 4.8cm
  • Color: Yellow




    • 1 x Rice Ball Shaker Mold
    • 1 x Spoon

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