Portable Air Compressor - Air Dragon


Do You Love Road Trips? Then This Portable Air Compressor - Air Dragon Is Just For YOU!

Have you experienced flat tires on the freeway?  This happens more often than expected.  Fill tires night or day, or anywhere you travel, with this Portable Air Compressor - Air Dragon! 

  • No more guessing! Portable Air Compressor - Air Dragon's auto-stop feature stops at the perfect pressure, so you can’t under or over-inflated tires.
  • It can also be adapted to fill pool toys, air mattresses, sports balls, and more.
  • It requires no batteries or recharging and allows you to fill your car, SUV or pickup truck tires in just 3 easy steps.


  • Plug into your car’s 12-volt adaptor.
  • Check your car’s PSI and set your Air Dragon to that number.
  • Fill up your tires and hit the road!.


    • Material: Metal
    • Size: 18 x 8 x 25cm

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