2018 Multifunction Pen


Want To Own A Pen That Can Be Used For A Lot More Than Just Writing? Then This 2018 Multifunction Pen Is Just For You!

It's 2018 and pens are not just for writing anymore!

Discover how useful this pen can be once you find yourself in a situation where you need to measure, screw, or level something and you don't have the tools at hand.

Aside from writing with it, the opposite end also functions as a stylus for your touchscreen devices!

Get yours now and see how awesome it can be!

  • Functions as a twist black ballpoint pen, touch screen stylus, 3" ruler, flathead and Phillips screwdriver, and spirit level.
  • Sleek and stylish with a diamond grate grip
  • Durable and light. Comfortable to use
  • Made of premium quality metal


  • Length: 15 cm


  • 1 2018 Multifunction Pen

Is the ruler metric?

Yes, the ruler has cm and inches.

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