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Microwave Magnetic Splatter Hover Cover



    Do You Use Your Microwave Often? Then This Microwave Magnetic Splatter Hover Cover Is Perfect For You!

    You don't have all the time in the world so you microwave your food on a daily basis. You love how much time it saves you but hate cleaning the mess it makes. But don't worry, this Microwave Magnetic Splatter Hover Cover got you covered! It doesn't only hovers food splatter, it also covers the food after!

    • Microwave-safe cover with polymer-encased magnets keeps your  microwave clean and splatter-free!
    • High-domed cover ensures it doesn't touch your food.
    • Dishwasher-safe cover so you don't need to wash it with soap and water.


    • Material: Plastic 
    • Dimensions: 30cm x 8.5cm


    "Can I leave this inside the microwave all the time or do I need to wash it after every use?"
    You may leave it inside the microwave and wash it only when necessary.

      "Do the magnets get hot?"
      No, the magnets do not get hot even after several uses.

      "Are the magnets removable?"
      No, the magnets are not removable and are not intended to be.


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