Lock Lace

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dark gray
fluorescent green
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Do You Want The Peace of Mind Knowing Your Children Won't Trip Over Their Own Shoelaces? Then This Lock Lace Is Just For YOU!

Shoelaces should keep your shoes tight on your feet and that's it. So often kids run around and trip over their own shoelaces or become the victim of another kids joke when they step on their laces. This becomes tiring and a nuisance.

With the Shoe Lace, your kids will never have to worry about that again! 

  • Perfect for athletes, runners, golfers, etc.
  • Convenient. Never retie your laces when you're on the go!
  • Just slip your shoes on and off, no more tying and untying
  • Lock lace provides a better fit which helps improve performance and avoids the problems of nylon/cotton shoelaces.


    • Material: Plastic Buckle + Elastic Rope
    • Length: Approximately 110 cm


    • 1 x Pair of Lock Lace

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