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LED Holographic Ad Projector



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Want More People Buying In Your Shop? Then This LED Holographic Ad Projector Is Just For You!


In any kind of business, ads are important. Strategically planning and investing in the right ad medium would surely bring money to your pocket.

You might have tried it all - Summer promos, month-end sales, posters, and even mascots; but it seems as though you need to do something much more to drive customers from your doors to the cash register. 

Before you plan any billboard ads, tickle their curiosity and show 'em what you've got with this LED Holographic Ad Projector and hear money coming in in no time! 

  • You can upload images, videos and animations to create your very own, one of a kind, advertising display that can be changed easily for promotions, events, and offers. This is perfect for POS display, shop windows, exhibition displays.
  • The 435mm spinning 'fan' blades are embedded LED. The unit synchronizes the LED with the rotation and the media installed to give you a high definition holographic simulation.
  • Media is installed on a micro SD card which slots into the Hologram unit. Endless images, videos, and animations can be installed and put in an order to completely suit you. All you need is a PC. The simple upload software and instructions are supplied on the SD card with the unit.
  • The 150° angle view and 1080p resolution of the hologram makes it unlike anything else and will catch peoples eyes immediately. 
  • Easy to install and does not take too much space.


  • Dimensions: approx.42 cm x 13 cm x 11cm
  • File Formats: MP4, AVI, RMVB, GIF, JPG, MKV, PNG


  • 1 LED Holographic Advertisement Projector
  • 1 SD card

Do I need a professional to install this?

No, that's just one of the best things about this! You can install it anywhere you want the hologram. Just screw it on a wall or ceiling.

Click "Add Cart" now and have the best advertisement among all other stores!

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