HappyPaws™ Rope Ball


Let Your Pet Play While Keeping Them Safe With The HappyPaws™  Rope Ball!

Are you sure if the bite ball you are giving to your pet is safe? We all know that your pets want to play and chew things but it also makes them exposed to health hazardous chemical. Now let your pet enjoy without worrying about their health with the HappyPaws™  Rope Ball.

  1. HIGH QUALITY: It is made from high-quality microfibers that do not easily wear out with constant use.
  2. NONTOXIC: Unlike other bite balls that are available in the market which are high in LEAD AND BPA, this rope ball is made from purely natural materials.
  3. COLORFUL: It comes in different variety of colors making it more attractive to your pets.


  • Material: Cotton Rope
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Diameter:
    • Small: 55mm
    • Medium: 70mm
    • Large: 80mm


  • 1 x Rope Ball