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HandyTools™ Voltage Tester Pen
HandyTools™ Voltage Tester Pen
HandyTools™ Voltage Tester Pen

HandyTools™ Voltage Tester Pen

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Work With Electricity Safely With The HandyTools™ Voltage Tester Pen.

Voltage tester is one of the most important tools that wiremen and electricians use. Faulty voltage testers can result in accidents, serious injuries, and even death. Stop putting your life in serious danger playing the guessing game with electricity, the HandyTools™ Voltage Tester Pen is here to keep you safe.


  1. CONVENIENT TO USE: Simply touch the tip to a terminal strip, outlet or cord. When the tip glows red, and the unit beeps, you know there's voltage in the line.
  2. SAFE TO USE: Totally insulated, no exposed metal or conductive parts for safe usage. 
  3. COMPACT: Made into a pen-like design so easy to carry. With long life and low power consumption feature.


  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Plastic
  • Color: Gray, Yellow
  • Dimensions: 152mm x 23mm x 15mm
  • Power Source: 2 AAA Batteries (not included)
  • frequency Range: 50 - 500 Hz
  • Test Voltage Range: 90 - 1000V AC
  • Safety Rating: CAT II 1000v


  • 1 x Voltage Tester Pen

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