HandyTools™ Mini Tungsten Carbide Drill Bit

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Make The Best Drill Hole Through Small Objects With HandyTools™ Mini Tungsten Carbide Drill Bit!

Does your craft gets destroyed when you drill holes using the regular drill? Does it frustrate you and make you give up on your work?  Now you can stop wasting your time and effort from starting over and over with the help of HandyTools™ Mini Tungsten Carbide Drill Bit! 


  1. HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: This is built from high-quality materials and fine grinding process making it a bit more sharp cutting edge, reduces cutting force and broken drill. 
  2. DURABLE: This is built to last, it can drill 2000 - 5000 pcs under normal working condition. It can also do return grinding 4-5 times.
  3. EFFICIENT OUTCOME: The drill has a large scraps discharge space for smooth and little resistance during the scrap discharge. To ensure quality, the curring edge strictly avoids partial holes. 
  4. ECO-FRIENDLY: It enables smooth chip removal and less heating value in order to reduce pollution. 


  • Material: Tungsten Steel
  • Diameter: 3.175mm
  • Length: 38mm


  • 10 x Micro Drill

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