GreenYard™ Pocket Hanging Garden Wall

Number of Pockets

Achieve Your Dream Garden In A Small Space With The GreenYard™ Pocket Hanging Garden Wall!

Does lack of space stop you from achieving your dream garden? Now you can turn your dream into reality with the GreenYard™ Pocket Hanging Garden Wall. Grow your favorite flowers and plants and never let lack of space stop you.

  1. SPACE EFFICIENT: It is wall mounted so you can just easily hang it in walls, balcony or even inside your room. You can have your own garden without consuming large space.
  2. ECO-FRIENDLY: It is made from materials that are non-toxic, biodegradable and has met the environmental standards.
  3. EASY INSTALLATIONIt has a DIY installation feature so you easily install it without paying for professional assistance or using hard to operate tools.


  • Material: Felt
  • Color: Black, Green
  • Number of Pockets: 72, 36
  • Weight: 750 grams
  • Signal Pocket Size: 
    • 36 Pockets: 150mm x 150mm
    • 72 Pockets: 120mm x 120mm
  • Total Size: 
    • 36 Pockets: 1m x 1m
    • 72 Pockets: 1m x 1m


  • 1 x Pocket Hanging Garden Wall