Glass Teapot with Infuser


Want An Easier Way To Steep Tea? Then This Glass Teapot With Infuser Is Just For You!

Aside from giving you a caffeine boost, tea comes with a ton of health benefits and is an excellent stress reliever too! Tea comes in many forms on the market. Although those in tea bags are more practical when you are in a hurry and are less expensive, loose tea leaves would give you the best tea experience of your life.

Loose tea leaves are not very easy to steep. If you don't do it right, you'll end up with thin dark water that no one would ever dare sip. You'll realize they're quite messy to deal with when it comes to cleaning after tea time. You'll have to fish them out the sink when washing.

Start enjoying steeping tea leaves without the extra hassle with this Glass Teapot with Infuser and get to sip perfectly brewed at home!

  • This glass teapot was thoughtfully designed with a lightweight yet durable¬†borosilicate glass. Unlike other glass, it is known for its¬†resistance to thermal shock,¬†making it¬†the perfect material for a teapot that's going to last.
  • This is an elegant glass teapot that is specifically designed to steep your favorite loose leaf tea and blooming tea.¬†¬†Whether you prefer signature blend¬†loose leaf tea,¬†tea bags, or even¬†blooming tea,¬†it allows you to view and enjoy the steeping process and determine when your tea is¬†tailored to your personal preference!¬†
  • Once the tea has reached your desired strength, simply lift the teapot lid and remove the teapot infuser by lifting on the small handle.


  • Capacity: 80 ml, 300 ml, 650 ml, 800 ml, 950 ml


  • 1 Glass Teapot with Infuser

Does the lid stay in without the infuser basket? Or does it fall out?

It stays in. It only falls out if you turn it upside down.

Can this glass cook on a stove top?

No. This is only used for steeping.

Can I use this for coffee?

No. You would need to find a french press that would fit the teapot for coffee.

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