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Foldable Clothes Organizer



Do You Need Extra Storage For Your Clothes? Then this Foldable Clothes Organizer is Just For YOU!

Stop trying to stuff everything in your cabinets knowing that they really won't fit and on boxes where you have to remove everything to get the shirt you want.

Solve all your clothes storage problems with this Foldable Clothes Organizer!

Fold them neatly and put them inside this organizer that has top and front zippered flap doors allowing you to easily get your clothes out!

  • It provides ample space for storing clothes, bedding sets even books, toys, and a lot more!
  • The storage bag is made of polyester fabric and thick fiberboard with reinforced seams for added strength and shape maintenance. The interior features PE matte finish to protect the stored contents from moisture.
  • Metal wire frames sustain the shape of the storage container, which allows it to be stacked in a balanced manner.
  • Featuring 1 transparent windows and 2 zippered flap doors to allow easy access and quickly identify stored contents.
  • The foldability of the storage box allows the storage bag to be discreetly tucked away, out of sight when not used


  • Dimensions: 58cm x 36cm x 30cm
  • Capacity 62 L


  • 1 x Foldable Clothes Organizer

Can it stand without anything inside?

Yes. It has built-in metal frames to keep it upright.

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