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Expandable Water Hose



Are You Looking For A Hose That Could Extend To Hard-To-Reach Areas In Your Garden And More? Then This Expandable Water Hose Is Just For YOU!

Watering the plants in your garden is one way to maintain its beauty and freshness, but the garden hose you currently have is too short to reach the other plants in your garden.

You also find it hard to wash away those muddy corners in your patio because of your hose's short length, so you opt for the water bucket instead which is so exhausting and time-consuming.

No need to stress yourself out! Just relax and enjoy watering your plants and power washing your patio with this Expandable Water Hose!

  • A very handy water hose with eight spraying water modes. Just turn the spray nozzle to adjust the watering pattern.
  • STRONG DENIER-WOVEN FABRIC CASING: Compact, lightweight, tightly knitted outer fabric material ensures no ruptured seams, twists, and tangles.
  • DOUBLE LAYER LATEX CORE: The strongest and most durable expanding hoses available on the market! It is designed to withstand the highest levels of water pressure with amazing results.
  • SOLID BRASS HOSE CONNECTORS: Prevent rust, corrosion, and wear. More durable than plastic ones.
  • WATER-SAVING: Crush-resistant metal fittings and rubber washer prevent leaks and save lots of water.
  • SPACE-SAVING: Automatically expands up to 3 times than its original length and snap back when not using for easy storage.
  • Can be used as an electric pressure washer, suitable for lawn, garden, cleaning windows, floors, and so on.


  • Material: Polyester, Plastic, TPE, Brass
  • Weight: 0.67kg
  • Spray Length: 190mm
  • Handle Length: 120mm
  • Spray Head Diameter: 63mm
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Green


  • 1 x Expandable Water Hose
  • 1 x User Manual

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