Easy-Pack Grocery Bag


Do You Want To Have Effortless Grocery Shopping?  Then This Easy-Pack Grocery Bag Is Just For YOU!

Tired of carrying uneven plastic bags?  Do you always end up dropping groceries on your way to your car after hours of shopping?  Avoid having scattered canned goods in your trunk with this Easy-Pack Grocery Bag!

  • Clips easily to any shopping cart for convenience.
  • Generous front pocket holds coupons, wallet or cell phone
  • Folds flat for easy, compact storage.
  • Durable handles withstand prolonged use.


      • Material: Cloth
      • Size: 36 x 25cm / 14.2" x 10"


      "Are these washable?"
      Yes, they are washable. 

      "Are these bags sturdy?"
      Absolutely! 40 lbs of groceries can easily fit in this bag and easier to carry since the weight is evenly distributed


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