Dog Butt Toilet Paper Dispenser


Are You A Dog Lover? Then This Dog Butt Toilet Paper Dispenser Is Perfect For You!

You love dogs and you just don't pet them, you collect dog-designed items, too! Sure, you already have toilet paper holders at home, but that dog lover in you just can't say no to this Dog Butt Toilet Paper Dispenser! Add this to your collection and amuse your house guests with its obnoxious but cute design!

  • Not your ordinary toilet paper canister as it doesn't only hold toilet paper, its unique and undeniably catchy design is sure to "start conversations"
  • Its seamless installation feature makes it easy to hang or stand in the toilet or kitchen area.
  • Perfect gift for any dog lover or anyone you want to cheer up and have a good laugh!


  • Material: ABS+AS
  • Size: 26cm x15cm x 15cm
  • Colors: Blue; Green; Yellow
  • Laying Method: Hanging type or Standing type

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