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Diamond Blackhead Vacuum
Diamond Blackhead Vacuum
Diamond Blackhead Vacuum
Diamond Blackhead Vacuum
Diamond Blackhead Vacuum
Diamond Blackhead Vacuum
Diamond Blackhead Vacuum
Diamond Blackhead Vacuum

Diamond Blackhead Vacuum

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Blackheads are simply a problem for most people in their everyday lives.

You may not think about it much, but others can see when your nose has black or white dots on it. 

Ever see sebum squirting out because it wasn't taken care of the day before? 

You can do better. Avoid these awkward situations!

Let the Diamond Blackhead Remover remove white and blackheads within your pores. 

  • Multiple Functions: Remove blackheads, acne, grease, mite, exfoliate and massage the skin, lift firming, and promote the blood circulation.
  • Four different replacement nozzles and power suction levels: Allows you to customize the device for your specific needs whether you have oily, normal, or sensitive skin
  • Not harmful to skin: Made from high quality ABS material, safety and none-irritate, suitable for both sensitive and normal skin.
  • Convenient with USB Charging: You can charge the pore cleanser machine anywhere with USB cable. What’s more, it is cordless provide you a comfort quiet facial cleaning environment.


  1. Open up the pores by steaming or bathing when you using the facial pore cleaner. Steam your face for at least 3-5 minutes before use. 
  2. Pop in the correct nozzle head based on your intended use.
  3. Turn on the machine and start with the lowest setting. Move the device slowly. Some acne and blackheads will come out.
  4. If the blackhead is deep, do not leave the suction in the same position for more than 1-3 seconds. Keep it moving and keep gliding. Again, do not stay in one place too long when using it in order to prevent it from hurting your skin.
  5. After cleaning the pore you can using the skin toning to minimize pores.


    Q: Which setting is lowest?
    The very 1st time you hit the button is the lowest setting.

    Q: How do you avoid bruising of the face?
    Don't just let the machine suction for a long time in the same area, and you need start at the first power level. The most important thing is to open the pores first, this is the most important to have good results. Steam your face for 3-5 minutes using a hot towel before use.

    Q: Does this work for the nose?

    Q: Do you have to buy replacement heads, or are they reusable?
    Yes, they are reusable. You don't have to buy other heads. The heads just needs to be washed and disinfected after use.


    • Do not use on scarred skin
    • Do not wash the device
    • After using it, take off the head and use a cotton swab with alcohol to clean it.
    • Clean the nozzle before and after use.
    • Do not scrub the Microcrystleline Head, simply wash the nozzle head in water.
    • Use facial toner on your face after use.


    • Color: Pink, White
    • Material: ABS
    • Size: 20cm x 15cm x 8cm
    • Power supply voltage: DC 5V
    • Charging method: USB charging
    • Battery: Built-in 1000mAh rechargeable lithium battery
    • Suction: approx 53Kpa
    • Weight: 250g


    • 1 X Microdermabrasion Suction Device
    • 1 X Microcrystleline Head
    • 1 X Oval Head
    • 1 X Small Size Circular Head
    • 1 X Big Size Circular Head
    • 1 X Isolated sponge and rubber ring accessories
    • 1 X USB charging wire
    • 1 X Manual

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