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Dancing Space Robot
Dancing Space Robot
Dancing Space Robot
Dancing Space Robot

Dancing Space Robot

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Up For Some Intergalactic Fun? Then This Dancing Space Robot Is Just For You!


Let your child groove to the beat and shake his or her hips with this space robot once it's up and dancing!
Fill your house with oohhhs and ahhhhhs when this little buddy shows you its moves and lights up every corner it goes to!
Just turn it on and all eyes and awes will surely be on it!
Did we mention it also SINGS? Oh yes, it does! 
  • This encourages your child to stand up and move with its side steps, 360-degree spin turns and upbeat music.
  • The robot comes with built-in flashing party lights!
  • Helps develop fine motor skills and improve hand to eye coordination while having fun.
  • Perfect for parties and gifts


  • Dimensions: 20 cm x 16 cm x 8 cm
  • Weight: 254 g


  • 1 Dancing Space Robot

***No batteries included

How many batteries does this need?

It only needs 3 AA standard alkaline batteries start dancing!

 Click "Add Cart" now and start dancing!