Damaged Screw Extractor


Do You Like Home Improvement? Then This Damaged Screw Extractor Is Perfect Just For YOU!

Removing damaged screws and bolts can be a hassle. It requires patience and a whole lot of focus. With this Damaged Screw Extractor, you can remove damaged screws and bolts with ease with no further damage to your work!

  • Easily removes rusted and damaged screws
  • Grabs damaged fasteners with speed and precision
  • Made of durable alloy steel, the 4-piece screw extractor set works with any drill and any screw size or bolt


  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Length: 61mm
  • Package Includes: 1 x 4pc/set Screw Extractor
  • Product Dimension:
  1. ) 3-5mm (Remove Dia) x 61mm (Length)
  2. ) 4-8mm (Remove Dia) x 61mm (Length)
  3. ) 5-10mm (Remove Dia) x 61mm (Length) 
  4. ) 6-12mm (Remove Dia) x 61mm (Length)

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