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Cake Icing Pen



Is Writing On The Cake Driving You Mad? Then This Cake Icing Pen Is Just For You!

If you make your own cakes, you would know that the struggle is real when it comes to writing messages and customizing the decorations.

It could be that there might be something wrong with the piping or you just couldn't control squeezing the icing out.

But don't lose hope. Whether you are a beginner or you just couldn't get the hang of it, this Cake Icing Pen will make your cake writing and decoration skills mimic a professional's!

  • Decorate cakes as easily as if you're writing with a pen.
  • It fits perfectly in your hand for quick and easy decorating.
  • Ergonomic design ensures precise control for flawless decorating
  • Dispenses all the frosting in the bag with light fingertip pressure and no need to squeeze firmly.
  • This set tool works with a standard-size decorating bag and all sizes of decorating tips.


  • Approx size: 16cm or 6.3"


  • 1 Cake Icing Pen
  • 2 Pastry bags
  • 2 Writing tips
  • 2 Couplers

  • Simply fill the bag with frosting.
  • Insert the bag into the pen and close to secure in place.
  • Just squeeze the handle and you can now start decorating!

Would I be able to use other decorating tips with this?

Yes. As long as they are the standard size. The bottom diameter of our decorating tip is approx 1.8 cm or 0.71".

Click "Add cart" now and have fun decorating your cakes!

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