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Beach Scenery Canvas (5 Piece)

Beach Scenery Canvas (5 Piece)

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High quality canvas print to hang in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, hall, office, etc.


Type: Canvas Print
Frame: Framed / Unframed
Material: Canvas
Quality: High Quality Canvas Print


  • 2 Pieces:  20cm x 35cm  /  8in x 14in 
  • 2 Pieces:  20cm x 45cm  /  8in x 18in
  • 1 Piece:  20cm x 55cm  /  8in x 22in
    • 2 Pieces:  30cm x 50cm  /  12in x 20in 
    • 2 Pieces:  30cm x 65cm  /  12in x 26in
    • 1 Piece:  30cm x 80cm  /  12in x 32in

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