BreadWrap™ Non Stick Heat-Resistant Toaster Bags

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Reheat Sandwiches With Zero Mess With The BreadWrap™ Non-Stick Heat-Resistant Toaster Bags!

Are you tired of cleaning the mess in your oven or toaster after you reheat your sandwich? Now you can make the best mess-free sandwich with the BreadWrap™ Non-Stick Heat-Resistant Toaster Bags.

  1. HEAT RESISTANT: This toaster bag can stand extremely high temperature making it perfect for reheating sandwiches in microwaves or ovens.
  2. HEALTH SAFE: It is made from food grade materials that are non-toxic and does not excrete harmful chemicals when exposed to high temperature.
  3. REUSABLE: This toaster bags can be used up to 50 times without reducing its non-stick characteristic.


  • Material: Teflon Coated Glass Fiber Cloth
  • Weight: 35n grams
  • Dimensions: 160mm x 165mm


  • 2 x Non-Stick Heat-Resistant Toaster Bags