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Ergonomic Backpack Baby Carrier



Are Your Arms and Waist Strained From Carrying Your Child Around? Then This Backpack Baby Carrier Is Just For You!

Normal people would go crazy with the idea of carrying a 22-pound moving object that you have to please every single second of the day. While you laugh at how they see it, you've adapted it to your lifestyle and instead of going bonkers, this just causes you arm strain and extreme lower back pain. Although you are used to it, it wouldn't hurt to get eased and be a lot more comfortable while executing the tasks you do for love. Wear it on your shoulders and strap it to your waist, this Ergonomic Backpack Baby Carrier will relieve all your pains from carrying that little angel babe!

  • Suitable for 6-24 month babies
  • Provides comfort and convenience for both mother and child
  • Can carry up to 20 kgs or 44 lbs
  • Made of high-quality soft and breathable materials
  • Flawlessly sewed by the best tailors
  • Has a helmet bed that supports child's head
  • Top belt can be removed and seat can be used on its own
  • Durable and comfortable design with unique print
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors


  • Front face: Approx. 60 cm
  • Belt length: Adjustable approx. 90 - 115 cm
  • Belt width: 13 cm


  • 1 Ergonomic Backpack Baby Carrier


Can you detach the top carrier part and use it alone without the hip seat to carry the baby? And what is maximum baby weight it can carry?

You can detach it and use the seat only but you can’t use the top only. It can carry up to 44lbs.

Is it easy to put on alone?

Based on feedback we received, this is one of the reasons why they love it! You wouldn't need anyone to help you put this on.

Click "Add Cart" now and carry your baby around comfortably and in style!

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