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Automatic Audio Cable Winder



Are You Annoyed With Untangling Your Earphones Everytime You Need To Use Them? Then This Automatic Audio Cable Winder Is Just For You!

The elves in your pocket are always teasing you with untangling the Gordian knot everytime you're up to a long and boring ride. From the time you got inside your car until you got out after a 3-hour drive, you haven't got the chance to plug it into your phone and listen to any song entertain you. If you were just in your room, you might've lost your cool and took your scissors out. Put an end to this suffering and get this Automatic Audio Cable Winder!

  • Solves all untangling problems
  • Arc design with naturally smooth edges that does not damage the wire.
  • Pocket -size and easy to carry
  • Suitable for about 1.5 meters headset line, data lines, charging lines, audio lines etc.


    • Dimensions: 7 cm x 5 cm x 2.5cm


    • 1 Automatic Audio Cable Winder


    Does this retract automatically or manual?

    It retracts automatically. It has a pull and release mechanism. Every time you need to use it just take the cord ends then pull up. When putting it back, fold your cord in half, place it on the hook inside the winder and pull it down.

    How to add tension to the winder?

    When the time comes that your winder does not retract fully, do not throw it away. This is very easy to solve. All you have to do is to use your fingertip to push the hook around inside your winder. This will add additional tension to your spring. Usually, one or two rotations will make the necessary adjustments.

    How thick are the cords that can fit this winder?

    This is for thin cords and works perfectly on lightning cords.

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