Arm Grip Workout


Do You Want to Get Rid of Your Flabby Arms?  Then This Arm Grip Workout Is Just For YOU!

Have you been wanting to tone your muscles?  Exercising is not all about the struggle of getting fit. It can also be fast, fun, and easy! Grab yourself this Arm Grip Workout and get rid of those flabby arms in no time!

  • It's a breakthrough fitness sensation that helps muscle toning and tightening as you burn calories without joint strain.
  • It has 3 interchangeable resistance bands making it perfect for all fitness levels.
  • The secret is the unique dynamic resistance movement that works your biceps, triceps, shoulders and even your chest all at the same time.
  • Use Arm Grip Workout a few minutes a day and develop a gorgeous pair of arms you've been aiming for .


    • Material: ABS+Silicone
    • Specifications of silicone tension pull ropes (approximately):

                - Thickness: 2mm/ 0.079in, 3mm/ 0.12in, 3.5mm/ 0.14in  
                - Perimeter: 175mm/ 6.89in  
                - Width: 19mm/ 0.75in


    • 1 x Arm Grip Workout 
    • 3 x Silicone tension pull ropes

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