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Anti-theft Bluetooth Wallet

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Do You Want To Protect Your Wallet From Getting Stolen? Then This Anti-theft Bluetooth Wallet Is Just For YOU!

You will never know when your wallet might get stolen from you or misplace it. And you worry that these kinds of situations might happen to you someday. You don't want your important stuff in the wallet such as cash, cards, and IDs to be taken away by thieves in an instant and never come back to you ever.

Don't let those happen to you! Protect your wallet and keep it in touch with you all the time with the Anti-theft Bluetooth Wallet!


  • DURABLE LEATHER: High-quality durable cowhide leather that lasts. Precisely handmade to give an overall comfortable feel and stylish look.
  • ENHANCED PERSONAL SECURITY: Smart Bluetooth anti-theft function allows users to be notified immediately on their smartphone if their smart leather product is out of the server range (10 meters).
  • PREMIUM FUNCTIONALITY: No more frantic searching for your lost wallet. Just open the 4.0 Bluetooth and the Two Way Smart Find will help you find your wallet or phone. If you can't find your wallet, you can use the phone then the wallet will make a Drip Sound. On the contrary, if your phone is lost, you only need to press Twice the wallet logo button then you can find your phone.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY MODE: Simply open camera mode and press the power button on your smart leather wallet. 1.5 Meters within the wallet can be a wireless remote control self-timer for taking a photograph, video player and recording.


  • Material: Genuine Leather
  • Weight: 200g
  • Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 1 cm


  •  1 x Anti-theft Bluetooth Wallet

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