Alphabet Wax Seal Set


Do You Love Vintage Designs?  Then This Alphabet Wax Seal Set Is Just For YOU!

Do you like sending letters and holiday cards?  Crafters and snail-mailers alike take time in sending good ol' cards to friends and loved ones.  Add a personal touch and make your cards more unique and heartfelt with this Alphabet Wax Seal Set!

  • Vintage Retro Alphabet Initial Letter
  • Perfect kit for sealing invitations, letters, scrolls, wine bottles, scrapbooking.
  • Copper seal head is detachable.


    • Material: Wooden handle and Copper seal head
    • Stamp Diameter: approx 2.5cm
    • Handle Length: approx 7.5cm
    • Whole Length: approx 9cm
    • 26 Letters for choice: A to Z
      • 1pc x Wax Seal Stamp
      • 3pcs x Wax Sticks (Red/ Gold/ Silver)
      • 2pcs x Lighting Candles
      • 1pc x Melting Spoon
      • 1pc x Box


      "What letter is on the stamper?"
      It's a Hogwarts emblem.

      "Is this supple wax? And is it flexible?"
      Yes, it is.

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