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Adjustable Back Stretcher



Do You Have An Aching Back? Then This Adjustable Back Stretcher Is Just For You!

Time to say goodbye to an awful hurting back when you have this Adjustable Back Stretcher that stretches the tension out of your back, waist, and even shoulders.

It's arched form also fixes your posture while the smoothened bumps on each side gently press and massage your back.

You don't have to lie on the floor to use this, you can put it on the back of your office chair and use it while working!

  • 3-level adjustment of the arch to suit your needs
  • Improves flexibility in shoulder and back muscle to relieve muscle tension
  • Promotes blood circulation to ease the feeling of fatigue
  • Corrects postural imbalances 
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Supports all weights


  • Base dimensions (L x W1 x W2): 38.4 cm x 25 cm x 16.4 cm
  • Arch dimensions (L x W1 x W2): 37.3 cm x 24.5 cm x 21 cm


  • 1 Base
  • 1 Arch

  • Fit the pieces together
  • Adjust arch to suit your comfortability
  • Lay it on the floor and lie down or let it stand against your chair rest
  • Use for 5 minutes, twice a day for optimum results

Will this crack your back like an adjustment from the chiropractor?

No. It does not crack the back, however, it relaxes the muscles and stretches them allowing you to crack your back when you get up.

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